Sacrament of the Sick

  •  The sacrament of anointing brings Christ’s healing power into our lives.
  • This sacrament can be celebrated not only for those who are seriously ill or in danger of death but also for those in other situations, such as an imminent hospital operation.
  • The term ‘the Last Rites’ is no longer used by the Church and the sacrament of anointing can be celebrated on various appropriate occasions.
  • The sacrament can be celebrated at home or in hospital.
  • Roman Catholic patients at the Rowans Hospice are under the pastoral care of this parish.
  • For patients in the Queen Alexandra Hospital the sacrament of anointing is celebrated by the Roman Catholic chaplain or duty chaplain.
  • The person to be anointed should first have celebrated the sacrament of reconciliation (made their confession).
  • Those going into hospital, or their relatives, should inform the ward staff that the patient is a Roman Catholic and wishes to see a priest.
  • In emergency you should contact the presbytery by phone (023 9226 2289).