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Progress Report

The new church and parish centre has been completed!

The new church was dedicated by Bishop Crispian Hollis on 1st July 2011.

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Wilding Butler of Winchester handed over the building to the parish in June 2011.

Building of the new church complex commenced in November 2009 and was completed in Summer 2011. Approval has now also been given by the Diocese for Wilding Butler to build the Presbytery while they are still on site and this is expected to be completed in July 2011.

The ultra-modern design, by Christchurch-based architect Columba Cook, features an impressive tear-shaped sanctuary window, designed by Martin Donlin, and energy-efficient features like rainwater harvesting and photovoltaic cells to generate electricity.

The foundation stone was laid by Bishop Crispian Hollis on Friday 11 June 2010. After laying the foundation stone, Bishop Crispian said, “When completed, this church will be among the most eco-friendly churches for miles around.  Obviously it is easier for a new building to be constructed to a high standard energy efficiency than some of our older churches, but it is my hope that other parishes in our diocese will be inspired by this building and, in their turn, will be doing all they can to ensure their churches are as energy efficient as they can be".

We moved into our new church 1st July 2011.